Blogger vs WordPress

When I first begun blogging on the Internet I had no clue what blogging was all about. After spending a couple of days I came across blogger and within a few minutes I produced my very first blog post. I’ll be lying if I said I remember what that post was about but truth be told it wasn’t anything worth remembering. I later came to realize that people were actually making money through blogging and somewhere along the way I decided to use WordPress instead. I am happy to say right now that I have some basic understanding on both these platforms and personal experience has taught me that WordPress is by far the best. Before going any further lets understand these two blogging platforms shall we?

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Googles hummingbird update

There are a lot of things I love about Google and some of them are not really worth pointing out. They certainly know how to make the Internet a fun place to be in and at the same time when they release a new update that can even make it more funner or kill the excitement all together. Not that am criticizing but some entrepreneurs have lost sales all because of an update. Well, I will leave that debate for another date.

Getting back to our topic what exactly is the hummingbird update? This free video explains everything

Using Internet Explorer 8, Here is bad news

Remember when you first used Internet explorer? If you re an Internet explorer die hard lover well here’s some really, really bad news… The browser just got taken out, and taken out clean. You read right, Microsoft just confirmed that Internet explorer will no longer be in the lime light because they are introducing a new browser called project Spartan.

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What is Fiverr all about?

Beginning your own online business is usually a big challenge especially for those who are totally new to the internet world. The major challenge which many face is the start up costs and we all know what that means. You need to pay for advertising, you need to pay to hire somebody, you need to pay for hosting and other kind of stuff. Believe me, the last thing most newbies want these days is a bill telling them they have to pay a monthly fee of $50, $100 or anything greater.

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Setting Goals in 2016

If i were to seat you down and ask this honest question, “what is your aim and desired result in the year 2016?” how would you answer? A lot of people have a series of desires and ambitions maybe including yourself. However, as is often the case very few people tend to achieve them. There could be a lot of reasons behind this development but from what I have heard, sometimes we just don’t push hard enough. I ve been privileged to read a few experiences on people who became successful entrepreneurs and from what i read, they have a lot in common. First things first, they don’t give up easily and secondly they are prepared to experience failure. You see folks people these days tend to reject failure thinking that they shouldn’t have to go through it at all. Well heres the news, failure has its healthy advantages. I always point to the example of the light bulb. The inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison had failed 1,000 times before actually getting the simple roundish object to finally produce its light. Now you tell me, how many people are prepared to fail that many times before achieving their goals, very few.

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how to Review Sites

Owning a website or blog is among the best things for any entrepreneur on the face of this planet. A blog or website does two important things firstly, it enhances your exposure to people across the Globe and secondly, it is a means to generate income. When i first learnt that a blog could actually generate tonnes of money for a person, I grew really excited. However, after a couple of months i soon realized the cold ugly truth, making money online wasn’t as easy as they said. Most of the successful blogs are making it big because of their ability to generate tonnes of traffic. This traffic is not only in abundance but it is actually totally free. The story doesn’t end there because in order to generate a lot of traffic, the blog has to be seen by Google or other search engines alike. Now thats where the trouble comes in, being seen by Google and other search engines isn’t really a challenge, however the big problem is ranking well for specific keywords.

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My thoughts on Star Wars 7

Star Wars episode 7 hit the big screens in the month of December, 2015 with a lot of thrill and excitement. I won’t say I am a staunch Star Wars fun but I can confidently say i have watched all the episodes from 1 to 7. Ofcourse, you may be asking why we’re even featuring this movie on this blog in the first place? Well ever heard of the saying “work and no play makes John a dull boy” relax people lets have some fun!!

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A threat to Internet Privacy

Its been quit a while since I posted on this blog and thats because my schedule was rather crazy lately. However, its great to be back. As i was browsing the internet lately, I came across a series of different articles that discussed issues related to internet privacy. All these articles were superbly written because it gave me a whole different perspective on how secure my personal information really was. I bet at some time in life, we all probably thought that our personal information was kept under lock and key and nobody would have the guts nor the skill to hack into our personal accounts. Well the reality is quit different folks.

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Using Camtasia Screen Recorder

Whenever am watching a YouTube tutorial, I always ask myself how the authors of a certain video is able to record onscreen whatever it is they are showing to their viewers. Believe it or not, i actually used to think that to make a “how to” tutorial on whatever it is you do on your computer, you needed a Video Camera. However, I soon came to realize that wasn’t what the experts were doing, infact they were using powerful software tools that could record onscreen the stuff they were sharing.

I have to tell you something, I am pretty much blank on the many softwares (both free and paid) that have this capability of doing onscreen recording. But just to break the ice a little, have you ever heard of Camtasia Screen Recorder software? If you haven’t, no worries i was in the same place once upon a time. Give me a minute to explain this.

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